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David Jones Yacht Brokerage at Rockport Marine

Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

David Jones Yacht Brokerage is pleased to announce our partnership with Rockport Marine, effective July 5, 2016. David Jones will be working closely with Rockport Marine and broker Evelyn Smith. Evelyn is a smart and able mariner with solid experience in some of the world’s finest yachts. We look forward to this venture with great hope and optimism. As always please get in touch if you have questions.

Who We Are

David Jones Yacht Brokerage specializes in the marketing and sales of classic wooden boats – from traditional schooners, blue water cruisers, cutters, yawls, ketches and sloops to more modern replicas. We concentrate on our favorite designers such as Alden, Crocker, Fife, Herreshoff, Hinckley, Rhodes, Stephens and White. We also represent and market boat builders and new wooden boats.

David Jones Yacht Brokerage is located in Camden, Maine and has associates in Italy, France and New Zealand as well as strong relationships with leading brokerage firms throughout the world. We have a choice and limited selection of boats which allows us evaluate the vessels as if we were the prospective purchaser. We welcome inquiries.

David Jones has had over 50 years sailing experience from Long Island Sound, the Chesapeake Bay, the North Sea, the Caribbean and the gulf of Maine. As a youth, he participated in national and world racing championships, as well as the 1972 Olympics in Kiel, Germany. In 1994, he obtained his 100 ton US Coast Guard Captain’s license and operated a charter business with his Friendship sloop in Rockland, Maine. He has taught sailing at The Wooden Boat School in Brooklin, Maine and has continued to race in an Etchells fleet in the summer and in a year round Laser fleet. David has been operating as an independent Yacht Broker since 1997 and he enjoys specializing in traditional wooden boats of every size . He has a global network of friends and colleagues who can be called upon to address the particular requests of those preparing to go bluewater voyaging.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to give all parties to a transaction, trustworthy and reliable information with regard to listing, buying or selling a vessel. We endeavor to make the experience as satisfying as we can. We view our role as the intermediary, transferring the craftsmanship, history and tradition of classic vessels to those who will preserve and appreciate them.